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Indo-German Board Of Aesthetic Medicine And Surgery - IGBAMS

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The Indo-German Board of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (IGBAMS) was created by Indian and German medical organizations to help develop, through training and research, the highest standards in the discipline of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

IGBAMS implements its mission through the delivery of advanced training courses to physicians who wish to perfect their scientific knowledge and receive exclusive training on the latest techniques in aesthetic medicine/ surgery.

1 Month

2 Days Contact Program

  • This certifies that you're a qualified and trained physician in Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Showcase you as a Internationally Certified Physician.
  • He/She is a certified in dealing intensively and professionally with the subject.
  • Gives guarantee to the patients that you can expect optimal state of the art and safe therapy method.
  • IGBAM certified doctor stands out from others in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.
  • This Certificate is valid for 10 Years.

Course Features

  • Category : Board Certification
  • Duration : 1 Months
  • Modules : 1