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Terms and Conditions

  • Please fill the application form completely and furnish all details required there in.
  • Please enclose attested copies of relevant certificates along with two passport size photographs. The completed admission form must be submitted before admission. ILAMED is not responsible for any postal delay.
  • All disputes with regard to this course / courses are subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi only.
Terms and Conditions
  • Certificate of course completion would be awarded only after payment of full fee and successfull completion of the course (s).
  • The course Fee is inclusive of all taxes.
  • ILAMED reserves the right to disqualify a candidate for providing false information, submitting improper documents or for misconduct in a particular course, total course fee will be forfeited in such a case.
  • ILAMED reserves the right to revise / change the curriculum, the course structure or course delivery methodology without prior notice.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded. Fee transfer to other person is not entertained under any circumstances.
  • The payment will be refunded completely if the applicant is not selected for the program by the Institute.
  • Switching to other ILAMED courses is allowed subject to approval by the academic council within 3 months of enrollment. No refunds or no fee adjustments would be made in this regard.
  • There shall be a minimum batch size to a program. In the event of the batch size being below the minimum number, program shall be moved to next batch.
  • In the event candidate is not able to attend the program, ILAMED shall not be held responsible. ILAMED shall try to accommodate such candidates in the program for subsequent batch but shall not be liable to do so.
  • ILAMED courses are teaching and educational programmes, and are not a license to practice. It is one of the few educational programs based in cosmetology & aesthetic medicine, taught by faculty who are experts in their fields. These courses provide you with the tools & means to practice the art and science of cosmetology & aesthetic medicine anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, you will always need a medical license/clearance given by the local health authorities/bodies in any country/state in which you are practicing.
  • ILAMED courses does not make you doctor/physician or give you any right to practice cosmetology & aesthetic medicine/surgery without proper educational qualifications and approvals by the local health authorities / bodies.
  • ILAMED certifications are for educational purposes only & shall not be displayed anywhere in any form.
  • ILAMED holds no responsibility for any kind of misconduct, unprofessional behaviours, quackery, false commitments/promises to the patient/any person concerned made or done by the trainee.
Terms and Conditions - Placements
  • Placement assistance is a facility provided by ILAMED and placements are NOTguaranteed to any student.
  • It is compulsory for all the students registered with programme coordinator to fill up the prescribed registration form and submit their resume to ILAMED.
  • Students may have to modify the resume depending on the job requirements made by the company.
  • If there are any changes in contact details, registered students are advised to update their contact details immediately with programme coordinator.
  • Placement assistance will be provided for one year only.
    • Placement assistance is given to the student for Six months only from the date of registration with Placement Division of ILAMED. On completion of the Six months from the date of registration, irrespective of whether the students get a job or not, his / her name will be removed from the database.
    • However, if the student wishes to continue to get the placement assistance for another Six Months he/she has to pay a nominal re-registration fee prevailing at that point of time.
  • It is compulsory for all the short listed students to attend the interview with the organization failing which placement assistance will be withdrawn and will not receive communication about the future opportunities / openings.
  • While going for interview students are advised to carry hardcopy of their resume, passport size photograph, Photo identity proof, certificates and any other specific document asked by the employer.
  • There is a possibility that the all the registered students may not get the opportunities in or from their home towns only and hence are required to travel for attending interviews. Travelling charges for attending interviews are to be borne by the students only.
  • Student is bound to accept the job offer of a company, once selected, and join the same organization. In case, students decide not to join the company, they should inform the company in writing with reasons. They are also required to submit a copy of that letter to the programme coordinator. The programme coordinator will stop further assistance to such students in the future
  • Once selected, the students name will be removed from the registered list and will not be communicated about the future openings.
  • If any student gets placed through our efforts, the student is bound to send a copy of the offer letter to ILAMED for our official records.
  • ILAMED is not responsible to provide placement assistance again to a candidate who gets an offer and doesn't join the organization or leaves the organization after joining.
  • A registered student is advised to inform us, if he/she gets a job and joins any organization through his/her own efforts.
  • Placement rules are reviewed periodically and are changed accordingly; the changes will be intimated to the registered students by emails only and they have to abide by them.
  • All disputes with regard to this are subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi only.
Course policies for participants
  • For your beneficial learning, we appreciate your punctuality to ensure all educational sessions are completed on time
  • Use of Cameras, Mobile Phone Cameras, Video Cameras, Audio Recording is strictly prohibited in all educational sessions including the workshops.