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Masters Course In Dimple Creation - MCDC

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Dimple creation surgery is a days procedure that can add an endearing and memorable quality and enhance any smile. While the changes produced are subtle, the patients love the unique accent that dimples create.

Many people find dimples at the side of the face to be an endearing feature. They can subtly enhance and brighten a smile, and are considered attractive across many cultures. A natural dimple is formed when there is a small gap in the cheek muscle. This gap creates a small indentation at the side of the mouth when a person smiles. Dimple creation surgery can recreate this naturally occurring process.

Masters Course in Dimple Creation (Dimpleplasty) trains the doctors in this surgical procedure under local anaesthesia, which can be performed on any type of cheek, and you can decide exactly where you want the dimple to be located. It is a straightforward, simple procedure with minimal downtime & great patient satisfaction. The procedure is performed from the inside of your mouth with no incisions or scars on the outside skin.

This programme is conducted and taught by eminent domestic and international experts and KOL's from this field, with doctors attending from around the World.

  • Is to train the doctors different surgical procedures, their different applications, including the adequate selection of patients.
  • Understanding of the facial anatomy.
  • Completing Knowledge in terms of patient selection, pre- and post- procedure care in Dimpleplasty.
  • Understanding the significance of documentation of signs and symptoms, the patient's specific desires, review of risks and complications, alternatives to selected treatment(s), understanding appropriate expectations, and details of the consent to be included.
  • Awareness of the marketing tools available to improve your practice visibility and volume.
  • 1 day one-to-one training programme in small close group
  • Certification of Completion from ILAMED
  • Jointly organized by the Indian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (ISAM), a sister society of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME)
  • Alumni and Networking Status
  • Learning from Expert Faculty of ILAMED
  • Learn latest procedures and techniques during Hands-on Training Immediate confidence to perform the procedure alone at your home practice

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Course Features

  • Category : Cosmetic Surgery
  • Duration : 1 Days
  • Modules : 2