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Masters Course In Facial Fat Grafting - MCFFG

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Autologous fat grafting has seen exponential growth in the market size, revenues, patient acceptance & technologies due to the improved methods for harvesting and re-introduction techniques used.

Typical facial augmentation procedures using fat transfer yields almost 80%+ revascularisation rates and yields much higher duration for the life of the augmentation that can last for (7) years or more.

ILAMED’s Masters Course in Facial Fat Grafting (MCFFG) takes an extremely practical approach. Every topic is introduced with a brief theoretical explanation and later developed in-depth, while the trainer performs techniques on actual patients.

As for students, being able to practice ONE TO ONE on model patients under the guidance of the trainer, provides the level of confidence necessary to apply what they've learned once the course is over: ready to exercise.

MDS /Plastic Surgeons and above

Course Features

  • Category : Cosmetic Surgery
  • Duration : 1 Days
  • Modules : 2